The oil and gas sector of Turkmenistan is widely represented at the exhibition in honor of the independence of the country
The oil and gas sector of Turkmenistan is widely represented at the exhibition in honor of the independence of the country

Representatives of the oil and gas industry took an active part in the exhibition of economic achievements of Turkmenistan, dedicated to the 31st anniversary of the country's independence, which takes place on September 20-21 at the Expocentre of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan.

Almost all sectors of the national economy are represented in the specialized pavilions of the exhibition: energy and industry, oil and gas, petrochemistry, textile and carpet weaving, construction and building materials, transport and communications, agriculture, processing and food industry, healthcare and medical industry and others.

Modernly designed expositions demonstrate the pace of development and the results of the implementation of investment projects in various sectors of the economy of Turkmenistan, presented by relevant ministries and departments, State concerns and associations, banks and individual enterprises.

The vast pavilion of the departments of the oil and gas complex presents models of modern installations for the production and processing of hydrocarbons at the richest deposits in different regions of the country, design developments to increase the capacity of enterprises, as well as samples of oil and gas processing products of the State Concerns "Turkmengas" and "Turkmennebit", the Turkmenbashi complex  oil refineries.

Many visitors of the exhibition were attracted by the exposition, which demonstrates on the video card both the existing export pipelines of "blue fuel" from our country, and future ones, including the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline.

The stands of the State Corporation "Turkmengeology" present maps of geological explorations, where oil, gas and other mineral deposits being developed and developed are marked.

The stands of the enterprises of the chemical industry demonstrated promising areas of this important industry – the production of mineral fertilizers, various types of products from petroleum products, building materials.

Domestic exhibitors also showed their developments in the field of renewable energy production – solar panels and wind generators.

Thus, the exposition of economic achievements, dedicated to the 31st anniversary of the independence of Turkmenistan, has become an important platform for the development of international cooperation, the wide promotion of domestic goods, ongoing projects.

In general, the exhibition clearly demonstrated our achievements in such important areas as diversification of the national economy, import substitution and export growth, accelerated modernization of production.  All this vividly reflects the unprecedented scale process of improving the sectors of the economy of Turkmenistan, successfully carried out within the framework of national development programs.