2022 - "2022 - "the Epoch of the People with Arkadag"
Targeting high milestones

Gas workers of the "Dashoguzgazakdyrysh" department of the State Concern "Turkmengas" effectively work under the motto "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust". This can be clearly seen on the example of exemplary work being carried out these days to achieve uninterrupted supply of the population and institutions-enterprises of the velayat with valuable "blue fuel", which is our national heritage, and the constant supply of produced natural gas to foreign markets.

It would be appropriate to note that in the Era of Power and Happiness, the administration, which carries out large-scale work to maintain the eternal flame in the sacred hearths of our people and to play an important role in the world market with Turkmen gas, unites such production departments as “Shatlyk”, “Karakum”, “Cholluk", "Yylanly" and    “Deryalyk", located on the main gas pipeline. "Dovletabat-Deryalyk", more than 4500 kilometers of gas pipelines of various lengths and dozens of gas control units.

Qualified management specialists who make a worthy contribution to the further strengthening of the oil and gas complex, which is the main driving force of the economy of our country, make every effort to ensure that these facilities work around the clock.

During a creative trip in order to get acquainted with the work carried out at the production department of "Yylanly", which is one of the leading labor collectives of the department, located in the Gurbansoltan Eje etrap of the velayat, we witnessed the excellent coherence of the work of hardworking gas workers. In addition to providing the local population with natural gas, skilled workers from the department are now efficiently working to transport natural gas to the western production department of Deryalyk from the Cholluk gas compressor station located in the direction of the main gas pipeline. You can feel this at every step, when you are at the gas compressor, gas distribution and gas pipeline control facilities. The results of the work of the gas workers of the department, inspired by the immense care and great opportunities created by the head of state in the era of the power and happiness of the state, achieved in 9 months of this year, are also very encouraging.

Here, about fifty cubic meters of valuable products are produced per hour, which are sent to local management establishments, packed in special packaging. On-site work of such departments as air cleaning, compressor and separator, oxygen packing, oxygen packing repair and chemical laboratory guarantees the high quality of this product. It should be especially noted that the work of about 20 specialist workers of various levels is organized in accordance with the advanced requirements of the time.

Each of the specialist workers who work under the guidance of an experienced specialist Cherkez Soltyev from year to year makes their worthy contribution to the success and modernization of work at the facility.

Words of gratitude to Hero Arkadag for the wonderful opportunities that are provided to working people to work in exemplary conditions and a prosperous life in the Era of power and happiness, come from the heart of each of the specialists working here.