2021 - "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust"
Turkmen geologists rapidly moving forward

The state corporation "Turkmengeology" (the former department of "Turkmengeology", the production association of geological exploration work "Turkmengeology") was established on October 31, 1938 after the close of the Central Asian Geological Trust.

Untill 1938, areas with oil and gas fields were explored on the territory of the country, the available natural resources were identified and some deposits of natural resources were developed.

The creation of the Unified Geological Service of Turkmenistan in October 1938 gave a powerful impulse to the study of the geological structure of our country, the discovery and exploration of natural resources.

Over the years, more than 600 deposits of natural resources have been discovered and developed (oil, gas, ozoсerite, coal, potash and cement raw materials, kaolins, underground waters, mineral and industrial waters, various types of building materials).

State Corporation "Turkmengeology" is the only state geological exploration organization in Turkmenistan that develops a comprehensive strategy for the study of the earth's interior and carries out research and exploration of natural deposits. It also collects and stores information about the geological structure of Turkmenistan and its natural resources.

During the years of independence, geologists did a great job on the exploration of mineral resources and their resources to create the mineral resource base of Turkmenistan.

The current state of the country's mineral resources shows that the existing industrial enterprises will work for a long time, and that their power will increase.

The most powerful industries operate on the basis of mineral resources, the reserves of which have been explored in the State Corporation "Turkmengeologiya". Among them there are a number of enterprises in the fuel and energy, chemical, construction, agricultural, transport and other industries.

State corporation "Turkmengeology" has done a great job in the search and exploration of mineral deposits, industrial and drinking water. Surveyed and discovered 207 underground deposits of drinking water. They completely provide water to the population, industry and livestock.

39 deposits of mineral and 15 industrial waters were discovered.

Employees of the State Corporation "Turkmengeology" made a significant contribution to engineering and geological surveys for the construction of the Karakum canal and the development of new lands along it. Remarkable that to the efforts of geologists, such rare gas condensate fields as Galkynysh, Dovletabat-Donmez, Garabil-Gurrukbil, Zakli-Dervese, Yashlar, Garajaovlak and other fields  were explored and discovered (in recent decades).

It should be noted that sulfur deposits of Govurdak, celestine of Aryg and Sakyrtman, kaolin of Gyzylgai, coal of Tuvergyr, bentonite deposits of Oglanly, potash sands of Garlyk and Garabil, cement raw materials of the Balkan and Koytendag, quartz sand water Archabil and Yazkhan.

New geological maps of Turkmenistan are ready for printing at scales of 500000 and 1: 1000000.

In the year "Turkmenistan - Homeland of Peace and Trust" geologists are proud to multiply their high achievements.

We wish the esteemed President health, long life and success in all important work being carried out.