In a New Building, in Comfortable Conditions

Under the wise leadership of the national leader, Turkmenistan is confidently moving forward along the path of progress and prosperity. As a result of the ongoing transformations in the field of urban planning and the construction of new villages, our homeland today resembles with its look a grandiose construction site. Beautiful buildings, convenient for work and living, adorn not only cities, but also our villages. One of these new buildings appeared in the village of Kolaryk of the gengeshlik of the same name in the Charjev etrap, Lebap velayat. 

“As you know, the Charjev etrap is one of the most densely populated ones in our velayat. We tirelessly care about the uninterrupted supply of the population of our etrap with natural gas and the safe use of “blue fuel” by citizens. The new building of the Gas Management Organization creates additional convenience for us in ensuring proper service to the population and the uninterrupted operation of the gas transmission system,” Sherali Egamberdiyev, Head of the Çärjewetrapgaz Gas Supply Organization, says. 

The Head of the Organization also informed us that more than 22,200 private households in the etrap used natural gas without interruption. The recent abolition of the Farap etrap and its inclusion in the Charjev etrap increased the work of the Organization’s employees. In order to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the gas management system of the etrap, the capabilities of this structure are expanding. A striking example of this is the construction and commissioning of another administrative building. 

The building was constructed by masters-builders of the Türkmengündogarnebitgurluşyk Construction and Installation Trust at a high quality level. Its area is 521.89 square meters, there are 11 offices in total, which provide all the necessary conditions for the work of specialists of the Organization’s services. 

“The employees of our Service serve the population of four gengeshliks of the etrap, the number of which is 6.6 thousand people. The commissioning of the new building is beneficial not only to us, but also to the population. Because, in the new conditions, we have the opportunity to immediately respond to incoming signals from gas consumers and to resolve emerging issues in a short time,” Mirshat Ergeshov, specialist of the Emergency Dispatch Service of the Gas Management Organization, says with satisfaction. 

A locksmith Babajan Jorayev, an order taker Gulnaz Rustemova and a driver Jora Genjiyev show great responsibility in providing the population with uninterrupted natural gas. In addition to their main work, service specialists also carry out explanatory activities among the population about the need for the rational use of natural gas and strict adherence to safety regulations. This issue becomes more relevant in the winter season, since, due to the cooling, the amount of consumption of natural gas increases several times. 

“The President of the country tirelessly cares about the well-being of the people of the country. An uninterrupted supply of natural gas to the population is put forward as one of the main tasks of the state life. We will continue, sparing no effort, to do everything possible for “blue fuel” to always warm the homes of our compatriots,” M. Ergeshov proudly added.