2021 - "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust"
The goal is to contribute to development

Among those who enthusiastically contribute to the improvement of the social and living standards of the population, the rapid development of our country, there are also competent executive workers of the Geological exploration party "Koytendag" of the Turkmen geological exploration expedition of the State Corporation "Turkmengeology". Thanks to their combined efforts, the years are marked by successes and achievements.

- The results we achieve, the work done inspires more profitable work. We confidently and with enthusiasm entered the year when the 30th anniversary of the great independence of our Motherland - Turkmenistan will be celebrated. To be among the leaders of the nationwide work on the successful fulfillment of the tasks designated by Hero Arkadag for the further development of the Fatherland is our goal, says the chief geologist of the organization Shanazar Anarov.

Then our interlocutor with great pleasure informed us about the achieved milestones and the work being done. According to him, now one of the main areas of work is finding underground drinking sources for settlements, determining their reserves. Recently, a report on prospecting work carried out to provide settlements with drinking water in the territory of the Dovletli district in the eastern region of our country was prepared and then submitted. Important work is carried out in accordance with the "General program for the provision of clean drinking water to the settlements of Turkmenistan." Within the framework of this program, several modern water treatment facilities were built and commissioned in the Lebap region. This work is ongoing. In this regard, the workers of the hydrogeological group this year are carrying out relevant exploration work on the territory of the Dovletli and Danev districts. The group is skillfully led by Amangeldi Kulyyev, who directs the efforts of employees to achieve lofty goals. In this work, he is assisted by master drillers Suhan Zairov and Almaz Hallyyev.

The workers of the organization we are talking about tirelessly take care of directing the wealth of the Gray Koytendag to the progressive development of the country, the happy life of the population. A team led by Bagtyar Davranov is looking for solid ore deposits. These days they are exploring clay deposits on the territory of the Koytendag district. Clay is an essential raw material in the production of building materials such as bricks, tiles, cement. It should be noted that over the past years, a number of modern facilities for the production of building materials have appeared in the foothills. Among them is the Lebap cement plant with an annual capacity of 1 million tons of cement. The search and determination of reserves of deposits of raw materials for the plant was carried out by the specialists of this exploration party. In the future, the number of such industries will grow, which indicates an increase in the scope of work of wealth seekers.