The happy youth with Arkadag Serdar
Liquefied Gas – High-Quality Product in Great Demand

Specialists of the Lebap Production Directorate for the production of liquefied natural gas of the Türkmengaz State Concern make a worthy contribution to the manufacture of high-quality products through the processing of natural gas. During the years of independence, at the fields of the eastern region of the country – Naýip and Bagaja – modern production facilities have been built and successfully put into operation, the operation of which is being effectively carried out to this day. As a result, the plan for the manufacture of products, the main part of which is exported to foreign markets, is fulfilled monthly. 

Over the past eight months of 2022, the Directorate produced more than 80 thousand tons of liquefied gas, respectively, the plan was fulfilled by 108.8%. Of these, over 77.9 thousand tons were exported. 

“Our specialists skillfully manage complex production units,” Atageldy Kurbaniyazov, head of the Naýip complex of control units, says. “All conditions for productive work and good rest are created for them. The team makes every effort to mark the year ‘The Era of the People with Arkadag’ with great labor achievements.” 

We talked with the experienced head of this complex, whose team is considered one of the best in the Directorate. Professionals, who are dedicated to their work, work there. Despite the fact that most of the work at modern plants is carried out automatically using computer technologies, this does not diminish the responsibility of each employee at his workplace. 

The head of the complex proudly lists the names of the best workers in their field – a technologist Dayanch Chariyev, a mechanic Batyr Kurbaniyazov, an operator of technological installations Atageldy Baymanov, an operator of technological pumps of category II/V Shanazar Kurbanov and a power engineer Agajan Byashimov. 

Along with the main work at the Naýip gas field, work is currently underway to reconstruct an installation for receiving and storing liquefied gas. One of the first installations for the production of liquefied gas, built at the field, was also reconstructed there. 

Similar work is being carried out at the Gazaçak facility for the receipt and shipment of LNG into tanks for further transportation by railway and road. All these efforts are focused, first of all, on the future. Powerful production facilities that continuously provide natural gas will make it possible to achieve high performance. Therefore, geological exploration is carried out on a large scale in the region with the aim of the industrial evaluation of new deposits. 

The drilling of the first exploration well at the Demirgazyk Derwüş site has recently been successfully completed with a target depth of more than 3,200 meters. According to experts, the site has huge resources of natural gas. Similar work is being carried out at the North Gazlydepe field. This approach to work contributes to an increase in both natural gas extraction and production through its processing.