The happy youth with Arkadag Serdar
Impressive results in the first month of the year

Employees of the gas economic institution "Gubadagetrapgaz" of the "Daşoguzgazüpjünçilik" department fruitfully completed the first month of the year passing under the slogan "The era of the people with Arkadag", in an organized manner began work to ensure uninterrupted supply of natural gas to the population and enterprises of the etrap in the new month.

With the onset of cold weather, every day of specialists and workers of the enterprise, working to ensure the uninterrupted supply of valuable "blue fuel" to consumers of the etrap, ends with new labor successes.

It should be noted that at present, the company's specialists provide quality service to 1 363 km of gas networks of various pressures and sizes, as well as 370 units of gas distribution and gas control equipment. This means that through the efforts of the employees of the gas institution, more than 20 160 economic houses and enterprises of the etrap are able to continuously use natural and liquefied gas at different times of the year. Especially in the winter months, when you get closely acquainted with the daily activities of Nurgeldi Satybaldyev, Hemra Erkayev, Serdar Baynazarov, mechanics-repairmen of the External Gas Pipelines and Gas Control Equipment Service, as well as gas welder Baimyrat Annamuradov and electric welder Erkebay Tadzhibayev, you immediately understand the importance of their professionalism and selfless work.

- Today, the work of the gas workers of our institution deserves praise for the safe and reliable operation of the facilities of the unified gas system located in the rural and regional centers of our etrap. Natural gas is a flammable and flammable hydrocarbon. In places of supply, storage and use of gas, it is necessary to strictly observe the rules of technical and fire safety. Therefore, the friendly staff of our institution is not limited to providing consumers of the region with a sufficient amount of natural gas, but also conduct monthly explanatory work with the population on its rational use, compliance with fire safety rules, as well as checking the serviceability of household gas equipment.

Residents of the etrap are very satisfied with the work carried out by such repairmen as Begench Kakabaev, Serdar Meredov, Hojamyrat Nazarov under the guidance of the foreman of the household gas equipment service Atadzhan Kurbannazarov, said Tirkesh Tekaev, specialist of the gas economic institution Gubadagetrapgaz.

In accordance with the current programs of the President, the gas workers of the site, who are implementing such important tasks as reconstructing the necessary places of gas pipelines, replacing existing ones with large-diameter gas pipelines, increasing the throughput capacity of pipelines, together with workers and specialists of the etrap branch of the gasification link of the Dashoguz velayat Construction and Assembly Department Associations "Türkmengazüpjünçilik" are coordinating work on the gasification of new settlements.

In this regard, last year, as part of work to further improve gas supply in the village of Mater, the Amu Darya geneshlik, located far from the etrap center, the joint efforts of the Gubadag gas workers successfully carried out work on the reconstruction of a gas pipeline with a diameter of 114 mm. As a result of the replacement of a small-diameter gas pipeline with a larger one (219 mm), the capacity of the latter has doubled.

All this gives rise to an endless feeling of gratitude in the hearts of the villagers who enjoy the blessed "blue fuel" in winter, to our Hero Arkadag, who stands at the origins of the happy life of our people, as well as to all employees of the gas economic institution.