2021 - "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust"
Akbulak, rich in raw materials

- The Koytendag etrap of our country is rich in resources. The Turkmen leader set specific tasks in order to use these resources for the benefit of the development of our country. Powerful production facilities are being built that rely on local raw materials to successfully implement the priorities. Our specialists are actively and effectively involved in this important work.

Our interlocutor is Shanazar Anarov, chief geologist of the Koytendag geological research party of the Turkmen geological exploration expedition of the State Corporation “Turkmengeology”. The reason for our conversation with him was the report on the work done at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, held through digital systems on June 11 this year, to establish the production of new types of cement and increase their production. In this report, it was informed that cement factories began production of Portland cement by adding silica raw materials, along with other active mineral additives, and that these raw materials are available at the Akbulak field in the Dovletli etrap of Lebap velayat, mineral stones have physical and chemical properties and make it possible to produce high-quality cement.

As you know, the “Lebap” cement plant was launched in 2013 at the foot of Koytendag with the blessing of the Dear President. The specialists of the above-named organization carried out exploration of deposits of local raw materials, an assessment of their reserves and a detailed check for a powerful enterprise. As a result, the clay required for the production of cement is mined from the Bashhatyn deposit, fossil rock from the Garajumalak deposit, and quartz sand from the Akgum deposit. Shanazar Anarov adds that there are large reserves of this raw material, which in the future will create favorable conditions for further expansion of cement production.

The Akbulak site is located about 40 km south-west of the city of Magdanly, and is distinguished by rich reserves of hard and light rock material called silica. Geologists at this site carried out appraisal work in 2011. As a result, it was found that the average thickness of this mountain body at this site was 1.5 meters. Research in the laboratory of a cement plant has shown that the quality of cement is improved by adding flask raw materials together with an active mineral additive. This means that the quality indicators of the products manufactured at the enterprise will increase, and ultimately the buildings that will be built using such cement will be more durable.

- In this region there are many sites such as Akbulak, which are rich in valuable raw materials. In the future, we will carry out appropriate work and make a worthy contribution to strengthening our homeland, - said Sh.Anarov with confidence.