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The Goal Is Uninterrupted Provision of Consumers with “Blue Fuel”

The work carried out these days by the employees of the Boldumsazetrapgaz gas management organization, which is one of the leading enterprises of the Daşoguzgazüpjünçilik Directorate, is acquiring particular importance. 

In the labor collective, numbering about 130 specialists of various qualifications, they listen to the advice and instructions of experienced gas workers. In the Organization, which is headed by Bekdurdy Babayev, there is a malfunction notification service under the supervision of Murad Otuzbayev and services for repairing household gas equipment and supervising the operation of gas control installations, headed by Muhammetmurad Kakayev and Guvanch Sariyev, respectively. 

As a result of the joint work of the services, about 1,000 km of the gas pipeline, 336 units of gas control and gas distribution units operated by the etrap gas facilities are under the close supervision of professionals. And more than 13 thousand households of the town of Boldumsaz and nearby villages have an opportunity to use “blue fuel” all year round at any time of the year. 

Etrap consumers of natural gas express their sincere gratitude to the President of Turkmenistan, who shows immense concern for the wellbeing of the people during the Revival of the New Era of the Powerful State. The residents are also grateful to the gas workers of the etrap, who ensure the uninterrupted operation of the gas supply system. We were convinced of this during a conversation with residents of the town of Boldumsaz Ahmed Rejepov and Yagshigeldy Gylyjov. 

“Well-maintained life of the population, amenities and comfort, which are achieved by the availability of ‘blue fuel’ at all times of the year, if do not determine, then definitely have an impact on the quality of life. Each of the employees of the gas facilities of our etrap makes a worthy contribution to this noble cause,” A. Rejepov says. “The gas workers of the external gas pipeline control service monitor the operability of the gas supply system, while the workers of the household gas equipment repair service regularly go around the houses to inspect the gas equipment there.” 

“In the event of a malfunction, we will certainly call the troubleshooting service and report the problem. Specialists of this service serve residents around the clock. Therefore, we are grateful to the gas workers of our etrap for their faithful service,” Rejepov adds. 

The etrap includes nine gengeshliks and a town. And in all these settlements already in these summer days, preparatory work for the winter period is in full swing. So, we have personally seen how the gas workers perform their work in strict accordance with the schedule. The conversation that began on this topic with Shatlyk Kulbayev, the Chief Engineer of the Boldumsazetrapgaz Gas Facilities Organization, smoothly moved to the daily concerns of gas workers. 

“Along with the uninterrupted provision of consumers with “blue fuel”, our employees are also working to increase the capacity of gas pipelines and to repair the proper sections,” Kulbayev said. “I would especially like to note the joint work of the gasmen of the control service for the external gas pipeline and gas control units of our Organization with the specialists of the construction and installation directorate for the gasification of the Dashoguz velayat of the Türkmengazüpjünçilik Association.” —This service is led by a master of his craft, an experienced mentor Guvanch Sariyev. Currently, under his leadership, more than 50 specialists are involved in the preparatory work for the winter season, which is actively carried out in the etrap center and villages. 

Since the beginning of the year, gas workers have replaced a gas pipeline with a diameter of 76 millimeters at a gas pipeline operating in the village of Birleşik in Guvanch Atamedov gengeshlik with a pipe with a diameter of 114 millimeters in a section 1,200 meters long. 

In accordance with the Presidential Program for the Gasification of New Settlements, in the villages of Abadanlyk and Taze Zaman in the 10 Ýyl Abadanlyk gengeshlik, a gas pipeline with a length of about 2 thousand meters was laid, which made it possible to provide all households in those settlements with natural gas. Locksmiths of the control service of the gas pipeline system and gas control units Mamed Kerimov, Allanazar Hayidov, Guvanch Orazmedov and Hemra Amanov, an electric welder Orunbay Saparbayev, a gas welder Yusup Paltayev and tractor drivers Akmurat Abylov and Urbesin Begjanov showed their professionalism there. 

At present, the employees of this team are painting gas pipelines with a diameter of 114 and 159 millimeters; if necessary, they are replacing the supporting installations of the gas supply system in the village of Ruhubelent of the Garaşsyzlyk gengeshlik and the village of Gara Ýylgyn of the Zähmetkeş gengeshlik. 

“All this speaks of the well-coordinated work of the specialists of our Organization on preparing the gas supply system for the winter season. We will continue to increase the dynamics of preparatory work,” the Chief Engineer Sh. Kulbayev said with confidence.