2022 - "2022 - "the Epoch of the People with Arkadag"
The planned plans are being implemented on time

Along with other gas-supplying and gas-supplying institutions of the “Turkmengazupjunchilik” association, a significant contribution to the uninterrupted supply of "blue fuel" to the population of Mary velayat and institutions-enterprises on its territory throughout the year was also made by gas builders of the construction and installation site for gasification.

On the basis of orders from the “Marygazupjunchilik” department, they carry out important work on gasification of new settlements created in villages, cities and towns of the velayat, in accordance with the National Program, for the reconstruction of previously used high and medium pressure gas pipelines. It should be noted that due to painstaking work Since the beginning of 2021, the gas constructors of the site, called "Turkmenistan-Homeland of Peace and Confidence", have improved the supply of natural gas to many settlements. In preparation for the current autumn-winter season, gas construction works are being carried out at a high pace in different parts of the velayat. The “Marygazupjunchilik” department continuously provides pipes of different sizes and building materials so that there are no obstacles in this important work.
Currently, the site's gas builders are carrying out construction and installation work on the reconstruction of a high-pressure gas pipeline, which originates from the Tutly gas distribution station in the Turkmengaly etrap of the Mary velayat, which supplies natural gas to many villages of the Turkmengala and Bayramaly etraps.

Instead of a 159 mm pipeline with a length of twelve thousand eight hundred and fifty meters, pipes with high conductivity with a diameter of 530 mm are being laid. The accumulation of a sufficient number of gas construction mechanisms, pipes, and other construction materials along the pipeline makes it possible to carry out work here at a high rate.

By now, gas builders have completed construction and installation work and commissioned 6 300 meters of the gas pipeline.

- We are carrying out the reconstruction of this gas pipeline by order of the “Marygazupjunchilik” Office. The main goal of the gas pipeline reconstruction is to further improve the supply of the population of the villages of the Turkmengala and Bayramaly etraps with natural gas provided by our state.

It is pleasant to note that our group includes experienced workers who are true masters of their craft. Among them are the driver of the vehicle Saparmurat Sahedov, the mechanic for the pipeline mechanism Ashyr Orazberdiev, the electric and gas welder Palvan Atayev, Eziz Ovezov, Tirkish Hallyev, Beshim Gurbansahedov, fitters and fitters Andijan Atajanov, Shirmyrat Yolamyazov, Juma Brugayev shoulder have been working in management for many years. They set an example for the young by providing high quality work done with great skill.

Thanks to the tireless well-coordinated work of our group employees, we will perform work on coupling, welding of pipes, covering the outer part of pipes with a protective sheath and other works on the remaining part of the reconstructed gas pipeline with high quality, in full compliance with technological requirements and will complete them on time, '' says Borjak. Hommadov, an experienced construction and installation site specialist in Mary velayat.