2022 - "2022 - "the Epoch of the People with Arkadag"
Repairmen are relentless people

Every day of the Year of the “Era of the people with Arkadag” is marked by glorious accomplishments and cardinal changes. Workers of manufacturing enterprises are working hard to make a significant contribution to the rapid development of our country by increasing labor productivity. Among them in the forefront are the names of employees of the close-knit team of the “Lebapgazchykarysh” Department of the State Concern “Turkmengas”. And this is no accident. As a result of the hard work of the riches high milestones in the production of natural gas are achieved. The ended year in this regard was one of the most successful. Natural gas production achieved an increase of 144% compared to the previous year. In this great success, there is a worthy share of the work of skilled and qualified workers of the Section of Underground and Workover Wells of the Administration.

- The employees of the Section show perseverance and determination in their work to increase the productivity of wells at gas fields, located in the boundless expanses of the Karakum, to overhaul idle wells. As a result of their joint efforts, the assigned tasks are adequately fulfilled, - proudly emphasizes the head of the Geological Department of the Department, Berdy Kutlyev.

Our interlocutor with knowledge according to official duties tells us about the state of affairs in the gas fields. Together with the specialists of the department, he is directly involved in the work, related to increasing the output of wells, identifying wells, to be repaired. Exactly on their instructions the repairmen are expanding their activities in gas fields. The section, in question is skillfully managed by Arazgeldi Nuryev. It consists of 11 repair teams, in which employ a large team of experienced, qualified specialists. As a result of the coordinated work of the repairmen a corresponding high-quality repair of 42 wells was carried out last year. As a result, they began to receive more products.

“Our goal in the new year – is to increase natural gas production through high-quality well workovers. During the last glorious year, three wells were repaired and re-commissioned. We will increase the pace of work and provide the successful implementation of the plans set before us, - confidently says Arazgeldi Nuryev.

The section’s head notes with satisfaction, that thanks to the hard and purposeful work of the workers, the work is progressing successfully. Members of the brigades led by masters Begenchbay Yollyev, Rovshen Allabergenov, Nurjan Akgaev show their loyalty to the achievements. Among them are a driller of the VI category Gurbangeldi Karimov, a driller of the VI category Peishem Orazdurdyev, assistants of a driller of the V category Geldimyrat Jumanazarov, Palvan Mahmalov and many others.

The serious interest of the Respected President in the issues of our country’s oil and gas sector and the adoption of important decisions inspire the producers of the wealth of the Office to work more hardly and efficiently. They monthly and with excess implement plans for the extraction of "blue fuel". And this provides a solid basis for maintaining and further increasing a stable level of natural gas supplies to consumers.