2022 - "2022 - "the Epoch of the People with Arkadag"
Great contribution of workers of the complex of water treatment facilities

In the first days of 2022, which is held under the slogan “The era of the people with Arkadag”, the visit by the President of Turkmenistan to the largest gas field “Galkynyş”, which has impressive reserves of natural gas, as well as familiarization with the working and living conditions of workers working on this fertile land and the volume of natural gas production gas during a working trip to the Mary velayat, even more inspired the specialists and workers of the heat and water supply department of the social security complex of the “Marygazchykarysh” Department of the State Concern “Turkmengas” to new labor victories.

The employees of the enterprise, thanks to the comprehensive support of Arkadag, marked the first month of the year with high labor successes, which will become for our country a year of high achievements in all spheres of the national economy of the country, including in the oil and gas complex.

It should be noted that the workforce of the water treatment facilities, which includes about eighty specialists and workers, made a worthy contribution to the high-quality purification and shipment of gas to consumers during the production of "blue fuel" from the wells of the “Galkynyş” gas field.

The plant built and put into operation by specialists of the National Oil and Gas Corporation of China together with Turkmen colleagues as part of the first stage of the integrated development of the “Galkynyş” gas field has been supplying gas field facilities with clean water that meets international standards for more than ten years. According to the design capacity of the complex, eighteen thousand cubic meters of clean water is produced here daily, which is supplied to consumers without interruption through a high-pressure pipeline with a diameter of 630 mm.

The production workshops of the water treatment complex are equipped with high-tech and powerful pumps, water treatment equipment from leading world manufacturers.
Water from the Karakum River, which flows through a special stream, is first discharged into a sump with a volume of 54 thousand cubic meters. The presence of its own powerful earth-moving mechanism allows for timely cleaning of the direction of the water intake flow and thereby provides a sufficient amount of water.

Then, in accordance with the established technological requirements, the water is thoroughly purified using chemicals, powerful cleaning and iron-removing filters on the equipment of water-lifting stations in separate production workshops.

The laboratory of the enterprise is equipped with the most modern equipment. They allow you to accurately determine the composition and quality of water sent to consumers.

Most of the specialists and workers of the enterprise, working tirelessly since the launch of the complex, have rich experience in managing powerful, high-tech pumps and other equipment.

The staff of the complex successfully and tirelessly performs its duties in order to ensure uninterrupted supply of clean water to consumers. And this selfless and conscientious work is bearing fruit.

Experienced specialists with many years of experience, such as senior mechanic Atajan Bayramov, pump engineer Sohbet Geldimuradov, repairman Myrat Hallyev, chemical water treatment operator Muhammetmyrat Ovezov, machinist Arslan Orazguliev are an example of high professional skills, hard work and selfless attitude to their duties for young professionals who are always ready to provide support on the path of their professional development.

“The proclamation of 2022 as the motto “The era of the people with Arkadag” with the unanimous support of the people of Turkmenistan, who live a prosperous and happy life thanks to the tireless care of the head of state, inspired the gas workers to even higher achievements. Now they are hard at work with a clear goal of achieving new work heights every working day and every month this year.” said the head of the complex of water treatment facilities "Galkynyş" Kakajan Taganov.